Zhang Ailing: Jasmine fragrances - 快三计划

Zhang Ailing: Jasmine fragrances


[0} original title: Zhang likeling: Jasmine slice

Jasmine slice

Zhang likeling

. This pot of jasmine fragrance I brewed for you can be too bitter. The legend of Hong Kong that I am going to tell you is also the same bitterness. Hong Kong is a beautiful but sad city.

Pour a cup of tea first - be careful! You point your mouth and blow it gently. Amidst the smoke of tea, you can see the buses in Hong Kong gradually coming down the mountain along the asphalt road. Behind the car, I stood for a while, holding a large bundle of azaleas. People lean on the window, the branches of rhododendrons will stretch to the back of a glass window, red into a piece. In the back seat was Nie Chuanqing, a boy in his twenties. He is said to be twenty years old, but his brow and mouth are a little old-fashioned. At the same time, his narrow shoulders and long neck seemed to be immature at the age of sixteen or seventeen. He was wearing a blue silk jacket, holding a stack of books, sitting on his side with his head against the glass window. He had a Mongolian oval face, light eyebrows, and hanging eyes, with the popular light of pink satin at the back, which was quite feminine. But his nose was too high, and he was in conflict with his soft face. With a pink ticket in his mouth, it seemed that he was asleep.

The car stopped suddenly. He opened his eyes and saw a classmate, Yan Danzhu, the daughter of Professor Yan. He frowned. He hated to meet acquaintances on the bus. He couldn't hear their language because of the roar of the car.

He's a little deaf. He was beaten by his father.

Yan Danzhu had just washed his hair, but it was not dry. He took a path in the middle. The tip of the perm was not very curly. He put it straight down, like the Red Indian child in the American cartoon. Round face, sun turned red gold. She is not tall, but she is plump. As soon as she got on the bus, she nodded to him happily, came here, sat down beside him, and asked, \